Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What services do you provide?

Our core area is accounting services along with compliance of all Tax and Allied Laws relevant to your business. But we can always help If you
  • want to start new business we can do incorporation of new entity
  • want to expand we can arrange funds for you
  • want to compliance with all tax and allied laws we can obtain all registrations and submit returns for you
  • want invest for future growth we can advise on investment options to you.

Why is SBA Corporate is a better option than my current method of accounting / bookkeeping?

Having an in-house accounting and bookkeeping department is a time consuming and expensive option. With SBA in the picture, you can avoid the hassles related to hiring, training and retention while saving up on costs.

If I already have an accounting staff, why do I need SBA?

We can provide training and supervisory role so that your accounting system is always updated.
Additionally, we offer controller and part-time CFO level services which are completely scalable depending upon your needs. Our services can serve to bridge any gap in your existing staff’s area of expertise. 

How qualified is your staff?

SBA provides a team of accounting professionals with a level of expertise not normally found in small businesses. Our team is trained by CAs and MBAs to cater accounting need of different businesses.

How much do you cost?

Our charges are fairly transparent and competitive. We are charging based on number of vouchers/entries, so you only pay based on volume of your business. However, the quality always remains best irrespective of your package.